Student behavior

Gun violence proposal would fund K-12 safety and mental health

Measure would support the early identification of students suffering from mental health issues and violence prevention training for staff.

Meet the team of K-12 leaders who help guide schools after each shooting

Every time there is another school shooting, administrators whose buildings have suffered past attacks are forced to relive the worst day of their lives. For George Roberts, that was the first day of school in August 2012.

Why SEL is seen as one of the best tools for preventing school violence

Educators should not underestimate the tremendous influence they have over students, influence that is cumulative in giving young people a sense of belonging and stability.

In quick response to Uvalde, leaders harden schools to calm community fears

The "tranquility of school" became a nightmare in Texas on Tuesday, Pittsburgh Public Schools leaders said in locking their buildings down after the Uvalde shooting.

Requiring daily moments of silence in schools is gaining wider support

Schools in Arizona must now let students take a one- to two-minute moment of silence at the beginning of each school day. Whether they meditate, pray, or run through test questions in their head is up to them.

‘Don’t Say Gay’ is inspiring even stricter limits on LGBTQ topics in schools

Even stricter measures have surfaced, including a Louisiana bill that would prevent educators from discussing sexual orientation through eighth grade, and a Tennesse proposal to bar instructional materials that "normalize" LGTBQ lifestyles.

‘The need for masking may come and go, like the need for a jacket in winter’

More school districts are dropping mask mandates than are reinstating them as educators wait to see if the latest COVID wave will match past surges in severity.

Tracking threats: More students being arrested for troubling social media posts

Students are using the speed and seeming anonymity of the internet to post threats of violence against their schools and classmates, resulting in panic, lockdowns and closed building.

Students are now deeply involved in leading their schools in this southern state

Do a lot of students in your schools care about state-level education policy? Well, there is a group of teens in Kentucky who care quite a lot and are no longer shy about getting involved.

How are school leaders responding as COVID rises again in some districts?

Neither mask mandates nor other precautions are returning to schools that are dealing with increasing new COVID cases in recent weeks.

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