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How new ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bills are more restrictive than the original

A proposal in Indiana would banish instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity from all classrooms, kindergarten through 12th grade, while Iowa lawmakers aim to eliminate the topics through eighth grade.

Female students are faring the worst when it comes to risky behavior

CDC's latest Youth Risk Behavior Survey shows dangerous trends are overshadowing a number of improvements in female students' well-being.

Swatting scare: Active shooter hoaxes derail dozens more schools

Swatting hoaxes this week led police to crash their cruiser through one school's front door while Vermont's governor likened the deeply disruptive pranks to terrorism.

Why mental health and bullying are top concerns for parents in 2023

Understanding what parents want for their children is vital for educators and district leaders alike. New research from the Pew Research Center can help schools tap into exactly what parents are thinking.

International security and student safety: Why schools are banning TikTok

From "devious licks" to vandalizing school property, more districts are becoming aware of the dangerous TikTok trends that students can't get enough of. Then there's the fact that it can cause massive cybersecurity issues.

Suicide screening: Research shows it is preventing student self-harm

Suicide screening and other K12 interventions have faced opposition from those who argue such approaches risk inciting self-harm among students. But new research has found just the opposite.

Healthier school meals rules are looming. Here is what they look like

Reducing salt and sugar content across school menus is the leading goal of new nutrition standards that may soon be served up in cafeterias.

Superintendents, are you sick of the culture wars? So are many parents

A majority of parents say the culture wars—i.e., banning books and stifling 'woke' agendas—are much less important than academic advancement and school safety, according to a new survey.

This big Texas district just decided not to teach sex education this year

Sex education will be absent from Forth Worth ISD classrooms after the district's new health curriculum succumbed to pushback from some parents and political leaders.

Digital Wellness: Supporting Social-Emotional Learning Through Technology

Thursday, February 16 at 3 pm ET

Attend this web seminar to learn more about digital wellness and how to leverage existing tools in your district to promote SEL and the digital wellbeing of students.

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