Industry News: Districts using new tech to boost student, staff success and improve safety

Districts across the country are working with service providers on new reading, safety, STEM and professional development programs.

DATV Video: Districts of Distinction reshape student success

The 34 schools and districts recognized in this year's Districts of Distinction program are tailoring their career and technical education as well as college-prep courses to regional and national needs, while adding healthy doses of STEM and STEAM to turbo charge learning.

Local firefighters spark middle school STEM lessons

Want an idea for a hands-on STEM lesson that's guaranteed to fuel student engagement? Hand the kids lighters, and tell them to start fires. Even better (and safer): Invite local firefighters to help out.

How one K-12 district uses e-portfolios to showcase student skills

North Bend School District's e-portfolio initiative showcases skills for success, including digital-age literacy, inventive thinking, effective communication and high productivity.

High schoolers teach robotics to pre-K students

Educators didn't expose students to any screen time when introducing preschool coding and robotics in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

How arts-based lessons improve science performance

Integrating the arts into science lessons helps the lowest-performing students retain more content, and doesn't require much funding to do.

Supporting Next-Generation Inventors with STEM Learning

This web seminar explored how district leaders can promote collaborative, immersive learning environments that engage all students in STEM. Sponsored content by National Inventors Hall of Fame.

A school makerspace inspires STEM invention everywhere

Today's focus on STEM projects seems irrevocably linked to makerspaces. Educators have seen students thrive when they experiment with tools and technology to create various objects.

Students apply science and math to real-life situations

Dayton Public Schools' Challenger Learning Center in Dayton, Ohio, is one of 44 centers around the globe aimed at engaging students in “hands-on exploration and discovery opportunities that strengthen knowledge in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”

STEM education myths in early grades

Consider these ideas: Some kids are STEM kids and some aren't. Students need to master science and math basics before moving on to STEM. STEM focuses on jobs, so it should be concentrated in middle and high school. Wrong, wrong and wrong.

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