Best high school rankings: These are the top 3 in each state

The top public high schools, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report, span all regions of the country, from Virginia to Florida to Texas to Washington.

15 best high schools in the country: Rankings spotlight progress of underserved students

An elite K-12 education is not limited by geography: The 15 best high schools, as ranked by U.S. News, represent 14 states. 

‘What, me racist?’ Florida posts 4 lessons to explain rejected math textbooks

Lessons flagged by Florida education officials include a formula for self-assessing racial bias and an SEL learning objective in which students empathize with classmates.

These students love STEM. Why aren’t we letting them be more ambitious?

Here's an alarming statistic: Less than 2% of Black, Latino and low-income students who are interested in STEM and going to college are enrolled in AP Biology.

Inside the science classroom: Tips from across the U.S.

A preview of insights from educators at the upcoming National Science Teachers Association 2022 National Conference.

Girls show higher aptitude than interest in STEM. Here’s how to get them engaged

Female students have given several reasons for not taking STEM classes, including when a certain course is predominantly male. They are also worried about hazing or appearing less intelligent, career counselors say.

Techquity: Why access is only one part of achieving edtech success

Acclaimed education leader Ken Shelton says at FETC Conference schools must empower and listen to all students.

High school students were making progress in 2 key areas before COVID struck

On the eve of COVID, high school students were making progress in two high-priority areas: they were earning more credits and taking more rigorous STEM courses. 

How districts can make summer school more like summer camp

Here's one idea for K-12 educators now designing their summer school programs: You can teach literacy through fishing.

How high achievers could pay the price for restrictions on teaching about race

State lawmakers scrambling to restrict the teaching about race and racism, LGBTQ issues and other topics risk seeing their schools lose advanced placement classes.

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