These are the top 10 education stories of 2022

Salaries, school safety and security, and—way back at the beginning—COVID were top of mind for district leaders clicking on DA Daily.

Administrators placed on leave after making video portraying a fake school shooting

Teachers reported that their personal Facebook photos were used to depict their deaths in the mock shooting video, which cost a superintendent and a principal their jobs.

For cybercriminals, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year

While your school is on holiday break, criminal actors see it as an open invitation to compromise valuable and confidential student data.

1 in 5 schools spend less than 1% of their IT budgets on security

Several factors contribute to the inadequacy of budgetary spending for security, such as a lack of funding and the difficulty of hiring IT professionals.

Two common safety misconceptions schools must address with parents

Despite what parents argue, lockdown drills and cellphone bans are essential to keeping schools quiet and secure for first responders.

“You are nothing”: Grieving families speak directly to Parkland shooter

During a two-day hearing, families and loved ones of the 17 people killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018 are getting to speak directly to their shooter, Nikolas Cruz.

Cybersecurity needs to be reimagined, because it’s not an IT problem

In the event of a cyberattack, districts need to have a cross-departmental team in place to address the issue, because IT can't do it alone.

Districts can only do so much to prevent cyberattacks. They need federal support

Facilitated communication between K-12 and federal agencies is imperative for reducing cyberattacks against educational institutions.

Armed security at schools? Yes, please, say 82% of parents in new poll

Despite recent events surrounding school security, more and more parents support arming their school officers and SROs.

Texas schools distribute DNA kits to families to help identify students in case of shooting

Parents say they are sickened by the new policy and argue that action needs to be taken to prevent violence rather than plan for its aftermath.

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