This is how many teachers would carry a gun to make their school safer

Teachers remain divided over arming themselves at work, with more than half saying carrying a gun would make their school less safe, according to a new survey by the RAND Corporation.

In their final weeks, some schools still face security threats

In what's meant to be a time of excitement and relief is being shadowed by security threats as violence and aggression ramp up among students toward the end of the year.

How this year’s plague of safety threats is exactly what this expert predicted

And there's no sign of it letting up, he says. As this school year comes to an end, a school security expert and an assistant superintendent reflect on how threats against K12 are impacting schools around the country.

5 strategies for encouraging students to report safety threats

Research shows that school climate is one of the best indicators of whether students will report misconduct in their schools. Here's how you can help students feel valued and respected for their efforts to keep their school safe.

These 4 cyberthreats are top of mind for CISOs

As cybercriminals continue to create headaches for K12 school districts, security leaders across different sectors, including education, say there are four prominent tactics used by threat actors to look out for.

How an onslaught of social media threats is disrupting and terrorizing schools

Last week in Cobb County, Georgia, students and parents caught wind of a social media post threatening to "make history as the top school slaughter." Here's how administrators can mitigate such risks to ensure a swift recovery.

Ransomware attacks: Who and what is putting K12 schools at risk?

A new analysis from one cybersecurity firm breaks down the most prominent criminal organizations targeting K12 schools, as well as the most common tactics used in ransomware attacks.

Why school leaders ‘need help’ in the fight against student behavior

"We don't feel safe. Faculty don't feel safe... if parents knew how unsafe the inside of the school is, they would be upset," one teacher told KPRC 2.

Schools in only 8 states have dodged fake swatting threats

Recent analyses reveal hundreds of incidents across 42 states and the District of Columbia, shedding light on the recent terror targeting K12 institutions.

Better resources for preventing cyberattacks may be coming to K12 schools

September 2022 was the first wake-up call for district leaders after Los Angeles Unified fell victim to a ransomware attack. As cybercriminals continue to attack schools, lawmakers hope to see change.

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