5 ways to bring your literacy framework back ‘down to earth’

When I joined Fort Worth ISD as its new chief academic officer in 2019, we needed to create a literacy framework and implement new curriculum and products to support it. 

3 reasons spring is a great time for student well-being screenings

Universal well-being screenings provide actionable data to address student needs, lower the risks of absenteeism, and implement broad interventions.

4 keys to picking the best safety solutions for your school district

Bullying, fighting, and medical emergencies are much more common than school shootings. But many leaders will focus on the most extreme incidents when developing a safety plan.

3 ways school leaders can combine ChatGPT and K12 to save time

The chatter about ChatGPT and K12 education is pretty negative, and I get it. So, enlist ChatGPT to be your scheduler, ghostwriter and teacher support coordinator.

SEL: 7 tips for a successful curriculum implementation

Social-emotional learning is rapidly becoming a top priority for district leaders across the country.

6 ways to nurture female students’ great aptitude for STEM

Here are the steps we need to take to understand how our female students feel about STEM subjects and pursuing careers in those areas.

4 reasons why we provide online tutoring in Virginia Beach city schools

A reliable, effective online tutoring program helps us cater to a wide range of student needs and capabilities during the day and after school.

How do you boost math proficiency? The answer lies in classroom and research data

The greatest loss in math proficiency since 1990 is alarming, but the alarm has been going off since the early 2000s.

40 years later: Why K12 leaders must revisit “A Nation at Risk”

Our position in a shrinking and interdependent world is no longer guaranteed. We cannot let the pressures of maintaining the status quo continue to prevail.

Let’s go beyond ChatGPT: 3 constructive ways to use AI in the classroom

ChatGPT represents just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to AI’s potential to transform education. We have a responsibility to consider the bigger picture.

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