3 keys to creating learning cultures that support teacher retention

We should be less concerned about hiring teachers to fill vacancies and more concerned about retaining the teachers we do have.

Are superintendents still happy at work as the pressures keep piling up?

Nearly all of the leaders surveyed–across districts of all sizes, income levels and demographics–said schools are expected to do more than they did just 10 years ago.

Where educators are rallying for change and where they are winning

Here's a political pick-me-up for K-12 leaders who've grown weary of the wave of new state laws that have narrowed curricula in various parts of the country.

Top 5 changes teachers are urging leaders to make to solve shortages

Treating teachers more like other workforce professionals would go a long way to easing the staffing constraints now challenging district leaders, particularly in STEM subjects and special education.

5 ways to create a better sense of belonging for school leaders of color

It's not enough simply to add more leaders of color. School systems also must ensure that administrators of color do not feel like outsiders in our schools–otherwise, we will have only addressed the “diversity” part of DEI.

Job dissatisfaction is still surging in K-12. There’s more than COVID to blame

Job dissatisfaction among pre-K-12 teachers has risen by a staggering 34 percentage points since the start of the pandemic, jumping from 45% to 79% in a poll of more than 1,300 educators conducted in late June.

How active listening in leadership can improve school climate and support teachers

Active listening enables you to recognize the needs of a person who is being resistant, behaving defiantly, or is quick to shut down.

How one more state is moving to push student teachers through the pipeline

Individuals without a bachelor's degree can now train to become a teacher in Arizona while finishing their degree. But experts warn that filling vacancies has to be strategic.

Supporting the superintendent: Why this leader says collegiality is key

Director of federal programs in Mississippi district is inspired networking opportunities, visionary training at DA academy.

How community partners can band together to tackle teacher shortages

Given the current need for qualified substitutes and the demand for skilled teachers, a partnership in York is reimagining how to better prepare pre-service teacher candidates for the complexities of today's teaching.

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