AI’s impact on STEM education: 3 takeaways from FETC’s latest webinar

Earlier this month, the Future of Education Technology Conference hosted another webinar as part of its "Road to FETC 2024" series. In this session, FETC Conference Chair Jennifer Womble is joined by STEAM educators, K12 experts and edtech consultants who discuss the various ways AI is transforming STEM for the better.

Prioritizing postsecondary readiness? These 3 sessions may help

Put these sessions on your must-attend list if you want to get up to speed on incorporating AI concepts into instruction, elevating CTE programs and more.

How one CTO is driving ‘transformational change’ to the system

Last year, Chris Higle asked his IT department to take a step back and evaluate the work they were doing. Here's what he learned from that "humbling" experience.

Why this first-time attendee and speaker is excited about FETC 2024

Chris Higle has long awaited the opportunity to attend FETC because, he says, "It looks amazing." Here's what he'll have to offer attendees at the Future of Education Technology conference in January.

7 ways edtech providers can make AI in education safer and more efficient for students

New guidance specific to edtech vendors identifies exactly how they should incorporate AI technology into their products in a way that's ethical, efficient, and, most importantly, safe for students.

What’s in store for special education and edtech? Leaders weigh in

In this panel, FETC Conference Chair Jennifer Womble is joined by several superintendents and experts who share their advice for district leaders on how to address the growing concerns surrounding special education and how to leverage assistive technology to meet students' needs.

Why parents know little about AI and how their schools are using it

Some 40% of parents hardly know anything about artificial intelligence and 60% have no idea how it can be used in an educational setting. Here's where they need help from leaders and educators.

Sending teachers to FETC 2024? Tell them to check out these 3 sessions

If you're one of the many education leaders sending a team of educators to FETC 2024, here are three sessions that will touch on some of the most pressing edtech topics and issues that you won't want them to miss.

3 sessions newer superintendents won’t want to miss at FETC 2024

If you've just entered the superintendency or you're planning to in the future, here are three sessions that cover some of the most pressing concerns new leaders face.

In the spotlight: See how these 5 states are modeling edtech innovation

It's important for leaders to share ideas and the great things they're doing for their districts. That's why we're showcasing these five states featured in a new report that are spearheading various initiatives centered around edtech and student achievement.

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