10 of the most common reasons teachers use AI

Despite the technology's prominence in K12 education, most learners will tell you that the human connection can never be replaced.

DA’s Top EdTech Products of the Year 2025 contest is now open!

The contest is now open for the District Administration Top EdTech Products awards, which are designed to showcase the latest in edtech innovation, with the emphasis on how these technology solutions are breaking new ground in the edtech market. 

How this leader is helping her students and staff navigate the cyber space

We have to ensure students grow up to be responsible digital citizens, argues Pascagoula-Gautier School District Technology Director Eva Harvell. Here's how she's doing just that.

How to use your ‘SPARK’ to get optimal results from AI

"SPARK": It's an acronym Designing Schools' CEO Sabba Quidwai teaches in her AI Bootcamp that helps educators engineer their prompts to get the most out of AI tools like ChatGPT.

Artificial intelligence: Will it soon take the place of plagiarism?

Nowadays, students are much more likely to rely on completing assignments using artificial intelligence than plagiarizing someone else's work, new research suggests. Should we be surprised?

Here’s what you need to know about students’ digital reading habits

Ebooks give students greater access to popular titles thanks to their portability and the option to read through listening via audiobooks. That's why more students are leveraging this technology than ever.

How to encourage reading literacy in a digital age

The digital age is here and it's forcing educators to adapt new ways of approaching reading literacy. How can we teach students not only to be digitally literate but be literate in this time?

Should schools be allowed funding for surveillance technology?

Last year, New York issued a statewide ban on using facial recognition technology in its schools. These civil rights advocates argue there needs to be more federal intervention.

Kids rely on adults to teach them about AI, survey says

Superintendents themselves say they're unequipped to lead their district's AI policy implementation. How do kids feel about the technology?

Edtech funding dips closer to pre-pandemic levels after skyrocketing in 2021

Artificial intelligence, however, served as a significant buffer to this drop in funding as edtech providers continue to integrate the technology for "copilot" tools, autograders and more.

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