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$85 billion gap: 12 actions for improving health and safety of school facilities

Districts spend about $110 billion on maintenance, operations, and capital construction each year but they need $195 billion to address aging infrastructure and other facilities concers, a new report says.

How to use ESSER funding to redesign learning spaces

The design of a learning environment can have a big impact on teaching, learning, and student success.

South Florida high school reveals state-of-the-art, expanded media lab

The unveiling and ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrated a collaborative undertaking by numerous visionaries, funders and sponsors.

10 top concepts schools should keep in mind when designing outdoor classrooms

Connecting with natural phenomena can make stepping outside the most memorable experience of a student's time in school, one veteran outdoor educator says.

Know the signs: Sandy Hook leaders issue warnings as K-12 schools reopen

Mental health, violence are top concerns as students return.

Here are Grand Rapids schools’ 7 priorities for COVID relief spending

Fines arts programs had subsisted on a shoestring budget in Grand Rapids Public Schools but now its leaders will spend ESSER funds to buy art supplies, instruments and tickets to music festivals.

6 immediate ESSER actions schools can take to improve air quality

Department of Education offers new guidance on using American Rescue Plan and other ESSER funds to upgrade building ventilation systems to block COVID.

5 top priorities to prepare for in-person learning this fall

While different districts may consider certain issues more pressing than others, these 5 propositions are being discussed as priorities for reopening throughout the country.

How will federal funds help fix our crumbling schools?

ARP funds permit schools to use money to repair and reconstruct, but guidance from ED imposes limits that may be problematic.

Parents deeply divided on K-12 students getting vaccines

With half either undecided or opting against vaccination for their children, what does that mean for school reopenings?

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