Q&A with James O’Hagan: Bringing esports home

James O'Hagan, the Director of Digital and Virtual Learning for the Racine Unified School District, discusses parent involvement, live vs. remote and what K-12 gaming might look like in the fall.

Win-win: Combating isolation, empowering students with esports

Bravous Esports and Game Truck provide a recreational vehicle for kids, teens and young adults to achieve. Educators and parents who get on board can benefit, too.

Back to the future: My epiphany with scholastic esports

For Laylah Bulman of the Florida Scholastic Esports League, seeing the impact that gaming had on students - from their excitement to their development - was the moment when everything clicked.

Covid-19 Esports Series: Communicate well, focus on future

John Shoemaker, Technology Program Specialist at the School District of Palm Beach County in Florida, offers strategies to keep students engaged and staying healthy during the pandemic.

STEM school finds renewed purpose through esports

Educator Randall Deich's efforts are helping build community and empowering hope for underserved students in Lauderhill, Florida.

Growing a community of educators around scholastic esports

NASEF's Scholastic Fellows program consists of top education leaders who serve students interested in competitive video gaming.

Connected Camps prevent ‘summer slide’ via Minecraft, esports

Connected Camps offer a breadth of productive activities for students and high school volunteers looking to keep playing and learning during the summer break.

‘Game On’ as esports becomes pivotal for Florida magnet school

From grant to launch, Academic Esports Conference speakers Jane Whitaker and Laurie Boyer present how gaming is inspiring dreams at Fort Pierce Westwood Academy.

NAECAD offers first certification program for esports leaders

Formalized training through the National Association of Esports Colleges and Directors can enhance the careers of coaches and professionals, while helping school districts and organizations vet potential job candidates.

COVID-19 esports series: Coach says keep game time relevant

Academic Esports Conference speaker Nate Meeker from the University of Akron offers tips to keep children and students engaged and staying safe during the pandemic.

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