HSEL, National Guard offer 25 schools chance to win esports labs

The random drawing from High School Esports League will deliver complete gaming setups, from PCs to mice, to lucky schools.

How educators can leverage esports culture in a school setting

Competitive video gaming 'when focused through the lens of scholasticism, has the effect of preparing middle and high school-aged students for more than just the leaderboards'

27 education leaders named esports Scholastic Fellows

The North America Scholastic Esports Federation selects group of innovators from U.S. and beyond to collaborate around new ideas in gaming in learning environments

The 4 ways schools can prevent injuries, avoid liability in esports

With students overextending themselves and their time spent online, it is imperative to monitor their play and health while protecting the interests of the school

NASEF launches Minecraft meets Rube Goldberg competition

NASEF's Minecraft-Rube Goldberg event is free for students and schools looking to take part in this fun, mind-bending exercise where new technology converges with old-fashioned innovation

How to develop students who are creators, not consumers

Teachers should create opportunities for productive struggle where students learn to work independently and manage their time.

Still not convinced about the power of esports in schools?

It's time to ditch the stereotypes and embrace the multitude of benefits that comes from a multi-tiered strategy that leverages competitive video gaming to foster student growth

How early coding gives students a jumpstart

Coding instruction begins in Compton USD's elementary schools to give students a jumpstart on STEM technology in the ever-changing high-tech job market.

Smart spending and esports: tackling 10 startup questions

Schools looking to launch esports don't have to break the bank to get gaming going. If they first determine their program's purpose and look for available help, the sky is the limit.

5 ways to create a great esports space for your school

Key physical space considerations for setting your program, and students, up for success in the exploding world of esports.

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