Diversity, equity and inclusion

6 digital skills your students must master before graduating high school

Ensuring students have equitable opportunities to learn digital literacy skills is more important than ever as a record 92% of jobs require "definitely digital" or "likely digital" skills.

How these edtech CEOs are paving the way for education of the future

At these edtech companies, putting student and teacher voices at the center of their decision-making is the key to ensuring equitable and successful education.

The best colleges for seniors seeking online programs

Beyond simply wanting the flexibility to earn college credits from home, students feel that online programs meet their personal needs better than traditional face-to-face instruction, especially at the height of the pandemic.

Are the schools in your district inclusive? Here’s how to find out

Honesty is key when it comes to evaluating how well your schools promote inclusivity. The CDC's new Self-Assessment Tool helps administrators gain clarity in this area.

Analysis: Half of the country’s largest school districts faced leadership changes

Between March 1 2020 and September 1, 2022, 246 of the 500 largest school districts have already or are currently changing superintendents.

Advise your seniors: These are the 25 most affordable college towns in the U.S.

Broke Scholar's latest analysis—known as The Ramen Index—lays out which cities are most generous with student discounts and scholarship rewards for those who need to live on a shoestring.

3 big numbers show that leaders who serve students of color receive fewer funds

If your district serves a large number of students of color, it's likely receiving thousands of dollars less in funding per student than predominantly white school systems, a new report from The Education Trust reveals. 

How are principals responding to political interference? Not so well

A survey conducted by the Institute for Democracy, Education and Access at the University of California Los Angeles and the Civic Engagement Research Group at the University of California Riverside showcases the concerns of nearly 700 high school principals surrounding political interference in schools.

How AI can be the tool that helps keep students’ eyes on their textbooks

The technology literally brings learning to life as it converts the words in a textbook into dynamic visual demonstrations.

Principal fired after accidentally leaving racist remarks on job applicant’s voicemail

According to the recording, Jeffrey Copeland made remarks about the applicant's Dominican accent and their job qualifications.

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