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Developing a Bilingual Program: Evidence-Based Strategies for Success

Date & Time: Thursday, May 9th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute DA Ed Talk, an experienced bilingual educator and district leader will outline some evidence-based strategies for developing a successful biliteracy program in any district, and how to evaluate tools and instructional approaches for effectiveness. 

How using pop culture references in class can spark student engagement

Project Tomorrow's CEO notes the ‘poptential' of clips that are relevant to young generations.

Did emergent bilingual students lose a year of language while at home?

Some in education are suggesting certain students be retained because of the “learning loss” that has taken place. Here is an argument against that approach.

Librarians leading the way with innovation, support during COVID

Shannon McClintock Miller shares how this empowered group of school leaders is making a difference with students and teachers, along with some of the tools they are using.

Curriculum association news roundup

From student assessment changes and innovative science teaching awards to board appointments and leadership training, here's what K-12 educators need to know about what's happening at ACTFL, ACTE, NCSS, NCTM and NSTA.

Ethnic studies: How K-12 schools are introducing multicultural curricula

Educators need to consider numerous issues when trying to implement ethnic studies, including the lack of funding and professional development, and the debate over what content is appropriate to include.

K-12 association news: Curriculum roundup

Here's a look at new developments from ACTFL, ILA, NCTM and NSTA.

Language adds up for ELLs in K12 math instruction

Charlotte “Nadja” Trez, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools' executive director of ELL Services, firmly believes in maintaining rigorous math standards for all ELL students, and embedding language lessons in math instruction.

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