4 questions to help you identify “tech-able” moments

How do you thoughtfully and strategically bring digital tools to your classroom? As a professional development facilitator, it’s top of mind.

Tweets of the week show education Twitter hoping for a more normal school year

Some leaders, such as Principal Stacey Anderson of Woodland School District 50 in Illinois, are using education Twitter to give shout-outs to their new teams. 

Can we imagine a future where there are no teacher evaluations?

Let's replace teacher evaluations with short, informal, and more consistent observations powered by video, coaching and collaboration.

‘Running on empty’: 5 fresh ideas for battling burnout from the Deep South

One of the most effective ways to rebuild classroom morale is to reduce the amount of high-stakes exams and other tests for which teachers must prepare students.

3 keys to creating learning cultures that support teacher retention

We should be less concerned about hiring teachers to fill vacancies and more concerned about retaining the teachers we do have.

Top 5 changes teachers are urging leaders to make to solve shortages

Treating teachers more like other workforce professionals would go a long way to easing the staffing constraints now challenging district leaders, particularly in STEM subjects and special education.

5 ways to create a better sense of belonging for school leaders of color

It's not enough simply to add more leaders of color. School systems also must ensure that administrators of color do not feel like outsiders in our schools–otherwise, we will have only addressed the “diversity” part of DEI.

How one more state is moving to push student teachers through the pipeline

Individuals without a bachelor's degree can now train to become a teacher in Arizona while finishing their degree. But experts warn that filling vacancies has to be strategic.

How community partners can band together to tackle teacher shortages

Given the current need for qualified substitutes and the demand for skilled teachers, a partnership in York is reimagining how to better prepare pre-service teacher candidates for the complexities of today's teaching.

Quelling the quit: A look at 2 new strategies for uplifting teachers

One way to keep teachers enthusiastic about their jobs is to provide new ways for them to improve their craft. Better yet, pay them to engage in professional development that fits into their busy lives. 

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