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How well does each state teach financial education? Tennessee tops the list

A new report ranks states on how well they provide financial education, including those that don't require financial literacy courses.

4 ways to ensure teachers are using the newest learning materials

Despite having access to the latest tools, one in five teachers said they avoided new materials that did not meet students' needs, were hard to use or that they didn't have time to implement.

How AI can be the tool that helps keep students’ eyes on their textbooks

The technology literally brings learning to life as it converts the words in a textbook into dynamic visual demonstrations.

More colleges are doing away with test requirements for good

At least 1,835 U.S. colleges have implemented test-free or test-optional admissions in the hopes of developing a more diverse pool of applicants, although student access to high school AP or IB courses will remain a factor in their acceptance.

#Stressed: Ranking all 50 states on frustrations about education

Montana is the most stressed-out state when it comes to education concerns while South Carolina ranks last, according to a recent report from a virtual healthcare company.

Learning to work: New program bridges the divide between K-12 and careers

Leaders and their teams are about to get a big boost in their efforts to create new career pathways and expand their students' access to high-quality training programs.

How student-focused instruction is working wonders for these districts

Allowing students to schedule their own days, grouping them by achievement rather than grade level, and offering them "real life" experiences—such as running an in-school store—are turning out to be extremely successful.

Successful cybersecurity relies on students getting a head start

The virtual K-12 program CYBER.ORG Range allows teachers to guide students through a controlled virtual environment where they can practice deploying and discovering cyberattacks in an effort to draw future candidates to the field of cybersecurity.

How these 8 states are using federal grants to build a diverse teacher workforce

Several states have committed millions to diversifying their teacher workforce by expanding pathways into the profession. Here's how they're doing it.

Superintendents to watch: How leaders are advocating for students’ best interests

Leaders are remaining student-driven by expanding dual enrollment and gifted programs, leveraging teacher expertise and recruiting student advisors.

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