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How to walk the fine line between student safety and privacy

For the safety of students nationwide, it's time for the conversation around potentially life-saving monitoring technology to change. Despite the criticism, it is not designed to violate students' privacy.

Dozens of schools start 2022 with doors closed due to surging infections

Students and teachers in dozens of districts, many in the Northeast, will spend days to weeks on remote learning to start 2022 due to the latest COVID wave.

How schools can give online learning a better name post-COVID

Administrators now have to convince students and their families that this next phase of virtual learning is not the same as what occurred earlier in the pandemic.

4 predictions for 2022: Communications, edtech and data will drive student success

Technology has opened the door to more insight. With more in-depth data, educators can be more informed about their students and communicate successes and concerns with parents.

10 can’t-miss sessions at FETC that will inspire educators and leaders

These key discussions on emerging tech, leadership strategies and cyber safety can supercharge your districts.

3 ed-tech leaders share how COVID has made them key members of the team

Ongoing professional development and family outreach are just two signs of how the challenges of COVID have heightened the influence of K-12 ed-tech leaders and their teams.

Engagement and security highlight 5 key trends in ed-tech for 2022

K-12 schools will need to implement specialized and specific ed-tech solutions to meet the expectations of their remote/hybrid remote students and employees.

Preventing the next cyber incident at your local school

A strong cybersecurity foundation is essential for schools of all sizes to plan for and prevent the possibility of attacks.

What K-12 educators can learn from homeschoolers about post-pandemic resilience

If traditional K-12 schools take a more individualized approach to learning and allow kids more opportunities for self-led learning it would lead to higher levels of interest in high-demand STEM fields.

Schools are shutting down in droves to block COVID over Thanksgiving break

An Ohio district sees 161% increase in COVID cases after making masks optional as many leaders extend Thanksgiving break as a buffer against transmissions.

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