Online learning

COVID creativity: Connecticut districts swap teachers

Two school districts, one in need of in-person educators and the other short of remote instructors, can't just loan teachers to each other, right?

5 ideas for supporting teachers during COVID

It may seem counterintuitive, but COVID has so disrupted K-12 education that building leaders and teachers could look at 2020-2021 as their first year in the profession.

4 essentials of SEL success in online learning

The first step for administrators in developing an effective, online social-emotional learning program is making sure that the teachers leading it are taking care of their own wellbeing.

Survey: Teen students say remote learning is worse but fear returning

A recent survey by Common Sense highlights the feelings of those affected most by district decisions to reopen, either online or in person

NASEF launches Minecraft meets Rube Goldberg competition

NASEF's Minecraft-Rube Goldberg event is free for students and schools looking to take part in this fun, mind-bending exercise where new technology converges with old-fashioned innovation

New pamphlet offers guidance on serving students with disabilities during health crises

Pandemics and Students With Disabilities shows districts how to develop schoolwide strategies to ensure that medically fragile and high-risk students continue to receive FAPE.

3 keys to building teacher morale during COVID

Teachers want clarity about expectations, competence in the strategies, and community with each other, says an instructional coach focused on preventing burnout.

3 ways to teach computer science in distance learning

Activities that were especially effective in conveying computer science concepts in a virtual atmosphere were proven out during a Tufts graduate certificate program.

Why micro-credentials will fuel student-centered learning

Online and hybrid learning require more student-centered approaches, and micro-credentials for teacher professional development may be the most reliable way to get there.

How schools return to accountability post-COVID

Grades and attendance are among the key accountability and assessment methods likely to return this school year, even in districts continuing with online learning, according to an analysis by NWEA.

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