Online learning

Librarians leading the way with innovation, support during COVID

Shannon McClintock Miller shares how this empowered group of school leaders is making a difference with students and teachers, along with some of the tools they are using.

Launch Pad: A middle school space with a path to the future

A transformed library at Cajon Valley Middle School is giving student and parents a chance to pursue their dreams in a personalized new way.

New resource helps districts provide legally compliant online learning

Virtual Instruction for Students With Disabilities covers the selection of virtual providers, placement in virtual programs, drafting IEPs for the virtual environment, and more!

How CARES Act broadband expansion will help schools

A dozen states used CARES Act funding to help the families of K-12 students purchase Wi-Fi-enabled devices, broadband hotspots or both.

Why leaning on strong CIOs makes sense during a pandemic

It isn't only the technology that might need to change in your school district; it also might be the mindset of all stakeholders including those at the top.

FETC preview: Be revolutionary, make change happen now

Keynote speaker Eric Sheninger says the COVID-19 pandemic might provide the one opportunity to completely transform education for the better.

Here’s what could sidetrack Biden’s K-12 goals

President-elect Joe Biden wants to make preschool permanent and use the federal government's influence to improve instructional practices rather than regulate K-12 through testing. 

Remote challenge: How Santa Fe is delivering in pandemic

The New Mexico district will soon be going back to full virtual instruction. For most schools, that would be bad news. But not for this technology team.

A look at Biden’s 5-step plan to reopen schools during COVID

Closing pandemic-era learning gaps and emergency funding anchor the incoming Biden-Harris administration's plans for reopening schools safely as COVID rates climb. 

Civil Dialogue: How San Diego school made it happen in 2020

The Francis Parker School used words of wisdom from its namesake, past election experience and a model for critical thinking and discussion that got students talking in a positive way.

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