10 E-rate trends shaping school internet access

A large majority of school leaders want to share federally discounted E-rate internet access with families and other off-campus organizations, according to an annual report.

6 tips to avoid school district ransomware attacks

"Considering that schools today are busier than ever... they are now prime targets for bad actors and more vulnerable than ever before."

4 self-determination skills to build during remote instruction

Students with disabilities engaged in distance learning may need extra help in learning skills such as choice-making, problem-solving, goal-setting and self-monitoring to prepare for life after high school.

Parent training: 5 ways to help parents support distance learning

Collaboration between school and home results in better outcomes for students, and during the pandemic school districts can take action to support struggling parents, especially parents of children with special needs.

Why schools need safety management more than ever

This large Florida school district had been using Gaggle for years, but the student safety platform became even more vital as the district transitioned to online learning.

6 facts paint fuller picture of ‘COVID slide’ learning loss

Age, race, income level and remote learning are all key factors in the 'COVID slide' learning loss seen in students returning to school this fall, according to a new report. 

Managing student absences during hybrid learning

Educators and administrators should consider all factors impacting students learning from home, working to identify and break down barriers to student and family engagement, especially for students receiving support services.

5 states, areas where ‘Covid Slide’ has hit students hardest

Huge learning gaps exist in some school districts and may take years to overcome because of the Covid Slide, Stanford University researchers say

Added COVID risk for teachers: Potential health care costs

COVID-19's financial risk for teachers and professional staff cannot be ignored. Here's how districts can help them survive the financial burden.

Why testing is an essential for equity during COVID

State policymakers need to act immediately to put testing systems in place to generate the data needed to gauge whether all students are being served equitably, report says.

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