5 signs your district’s edtech tools aren’t the right fit

Insufficient solutions will consume your district's budget and provide inadequate data to justify your spending, warns one expert. Fortunately, leaders can identify the warning signs early.

3 reasons the superintendency—and the pipeline—are shrinking

"Our focus turned from educational leader to a position of protector of public education," says Dave Wick, superintendent of Columbia Falls School District 6 and president of the Montana Association of School Superintendents.

Prying parents or informed citizens? Why schools are neck-deep in public records requests

Schools are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours of staff labor to process these requests from parents who are cracking down on discussions they deem inappropriate in a classroom environment.

‘Decreased funding, increased need’: What all districts must do now to prepare

"With federal discretionary spending at its lowest levels since 1989, cuts in federal aid pressure state and local governments to fill the gap," according to a new analysis by HeyTutor.

How the role of the CIO has been elevated to K12 district leader

“What once seemed like an ambitious goal in terms of the effective use of technology to support both the academic and business operations within a school district is now closer to reality,” concludes a new report from Project Tomorrow.

Advice for smaller districts: Here are 4 ways to give students access to advanced math

Teachers in high-needs areas are more likely than their counterparts in resource-abundant schools to use curriculum from the previous year, according to a new report. It's up to education leaders to help close the gap.

Here are 7 education changes lawmakers promise for 2023

"With the promise of prosperity on the horizon, there is nothing more crucial to our individual success than education," said Virgin Islands Gov. Albert Bryan.

These are 7 of the most disruptive forces in education

Sora Schools' "Trends in Education" report for 2023 homes in on the biggest changes affecting districts across the country, among them advancements in artificial intelligence and learning through gaming.

ESSER pressure: How one district intends to spend wisely as deadline looms

"The ESSER money is a lot, but it’s not as much as everybody thinks," says Bernard McCune, Denver Public School's associate chief of academics. "Everyone thinks that schools are just flush with money and they throw everything at schools without intentionality. What we’ve done is use ESSER as an opportunity to innovate."

What superintendents need to know about 3 after-school program challenges

Almost all after-school programs have reopened, but staffing shortages and related issues mean one in four are still not operating at the capacity they were prior to COVID.

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