Here are the many steps one district took to stay open

Keeping classrooms open required Plainfield Community School Corporation teachers to rearrange the furniture with more traditional models of instruction in mind.

Teachers unions set 5 priorities for post-COVID success

A powerful response to COVID's disruptions presents an opportunity to recreate schools, AFT and NEA say in their agenda for post-pandemic education.

Here are some key details for building a regional virtual academy

Leaders from a group of 11 Chicago-area schools districts are beginning to hammer out the details for a regional virtual academy that would launch in 2022-2023.

An online learning surprise: Stronger connections

During summer 2020, Greenville County Schools leaders expanded a virtual high school into a full-blown K-12 virtual academy to cope with COVID's disruptions.

6 solutions for hiring high-quality teachers as schools reopen

Pre-pandemic teacher shortages worsened by COVID now threaten district leaders' efforts to reopen schools safely and keep them open, a new report warns.

7 ideas for how artificial intelligence can enhance teaching

Artificial intelligence will power more complex and collaborative learning activities along with deeper assessments of students' knowledge, experts say.

3 ways Biden relief funds can speed COVID recovery

In some school systems, the top third grade math teacher provides virtual lessons for the entire district. Other teachers then work one-on-one with students to provide additional support.

Biden tells states to prioritize vaccines for teachers

'We want every educator, school staff member, and child-care worker to receive at least one shot by the end of this month,' President Joe Biden said.

How to fix a deepening crisis in history and civics education

Civics and history education must be rebuilt, say scholars who have developed an extensive inquiry-based, social studies roadmap for a less polarized society.

12 ways better civics teaching creates ‘reflective patriots’

Seven big themes and five design challenges anchor social studies guidelines that will help teachers develop graduates who can participate in a democratic and diverse society.

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