Teachers are being priced out of housing. But districts across the country are finding solutions

Building 100 units of its own teacher housing is how the Jefferson Union High School District near San Francisco shrank teacher turnover to nearly zero.

Details are still under wraps as an agreement is reached in Seattle teachers strike

Administrators and union announce a tentative agreement in Seattle teachers strike but when school will start remains unclear.

Ex-principal charged with willful cruelty after “disturbing altercation” with student

Brian Vollhardt, former principal of Wolters Elementary School in Fresno, California, is shown on video aggressively shoving an elementary school student to a cafeteria floor, Fresno USD leaders and local authorities say.

Florida SROs are receiving collapsible long guns and uniform upgrades to deter shooters

"I firmly believe that if you do not meet violence with violence, you will be violently killed," said Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey.

Why are school librarians so misunderstood?

K-12 media specialists have to constantly prove their worth and advocate for their programs, librarian Lauren Mobley says.

How 6 schools have reimagined education to support underserved students

Here's what some of the most innovative leaders in education are doing to create and promote equitable learning.

Apparently, $35 an hour isn’t enough to retain bus drivers

Several districts report having extreme difficulty in maintaining a full bus driver roster on the first week of school.

Would you encourage a young person to teach? Most would not, poll says

Administrators grappling with teacher shortages may not like this news: Fewer than one in five Americans would recommend a teaching career.

Edtech overload? Survey finds state education leaders could do more to help

Data on whether ed-tech programs and products are being used effectively is not universally collected by state education agencies, officials say.

Is Oklahoma’s new ‘bathroom bill’ a violation of the U.S. Constitution?

Oklahoma's new law restricting transgender students' access to restrooms faces legal opposition from students who argue it's a constitutional violation.

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