Student safety

Is student monitoring software the best solution for child safety?

With a shortage of school counselors and incidents of self-harm and violence toward others surging this past year, districts are turning toward online monitoring services that can help administrators stay ahead of the curve.

If school security is a priority in 2023, don’t miss these 5 sessions at FETC

Not only will attendees learn about the best instructional technologies for their district, but they will also discover how they can implement state-of-the-art security measures to keep students feeling safe in the classroom.

Death threat against staff member’s family closes district for a full week

Richmond Community Schools in Michigan shut down after a threatening note was discovered just as staff returned from winter break.

Are the apps students use at school actually safe? Research may prove otherwise

A new report by Internet Safety Labs reveals that 96% of education apps share students' personal information with third parties, including advertisers.

Is school policing the best way to protect students? Definitely not all of them

In the last decade, there have been at least 285 cases of police violence against students, and underrepresented students are the most at risk.

Superintendent fired for administration’s ‘lack of curiosity’ after student’s sexual assault arrest

Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler has been dismissed after a Virginia grand jury accused the district's leaders of "looking out for their own interests" by simply transferring a teenager who had been charged with sexually assaulting a student in a high school bathroom.

1 in 5 schools spend less than 1% of their IT budgets on security

Several factors contribute to the inadequacy of budgetary spending for security, such as a lack of funding and the difficulty of hiring IT professionals.

Active shooter hoaxes are spreading panic. Here’s how to fight back

There are ways to spot active shooter hoaxes, but administrators must also huddle with SROs and the school community to combat the swatting trend.

Clear backpack policies are mere “security theater,” says safety expert

Implementing a clear backpack policy is better described as "security theater" than a meaningful, effective school safety strategy, according to one school safety expert.

How one district is using COVID relief funds to place a ban on backpacks

As school safety continues to be a national concern for K-12 district leaders, one district is taking steps to ensure the safety of its students by placing a ban on backpacks.

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