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Schools can serve free meals this summer but that may change (again) in 2022-23

Pandemic-era flexibilities will change during the new school year even as eligibility for free- and reduced lunch is expanded and reimbursements increase.

How a Texas superintendent is defending a dress code that bans dresses

Ban on hoodies and dresses is meant to prepare K-12 students for the workplace by teaching them to dress professionally, according to a video created by Forney ISD.

3.65 billion reasons why ransomware is a costly threat to school IT systems

$3.56 billion: That's what ransomware attacks cost U.S. schools and colleges–in downtime alone–in 2021. Administrators also faced additional "astronomical recovery costs" to restore computers, recover data, and fortify their systems against future attacks, a new report says.

Why education could convince voters to cross party lines in fall elections

Education has become such a powerful political issue that some parents would vote for someone from another political party if that candidate shared their views, a new poll shows.

Staff shortages drive up labor costs that may cause a K-12 credit crunch

K-12 leaders face a financial double whammy that could begin to impact districts' credit ratings as the expiration of ESSER approaches.

How 3 ed-tech leaders will help their districts avoid the ESSER fiscal cliff

If the IT department is not preparing for the ESSER fiscal cliff by partnering with academic and financial leaders, your district risks taking a hard financial fall.

How principals can re-energize this summer after a difficult year

Principals are burned out and unsure if they can continue at the pace of the last few years. That makes it essential for central office administrators to restore their confidence by instilling hope for the future.

Finding a centralized voice for safe, accurate and timely school-home communications

Five key criteria we used to select a unified communications platform for our district.

The best benefit you can give educators? Easing their mental load

Thoughtfully automating administrative tasks can free educators to devote more time to their passion: teaching.

How effective superintendents expand their influence in these divisive times

Superintendent Bhavna Sharma-Lewis has hosted a workshop called "What Happens When the School Board Falls Out of Love With You." The presentation was born from experience.

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