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Principal fired after accidentally leaving racist remarks on job applicant’s voicemail

According to the recording, Jeffrey Copeland made remarks about the applicant's Dominican accent and their job qualifications.

4 ways leaders can create playful teaching and learning environments

We can’t expect teachers to craft meaningful playful learning environments for students if they aren’t given the freedom to play and explore in their own practice.

Crowd-surfing superintendent faces punishment by school board

The board is expected to take disciplinary action on Nov. 21 against Jason Thomson for his "misconduct, neglect of duty and incompetence."

Briefly a hurricane, Nicole shuts down more schools in southeast states

Tropical Storm Nicole, a Category 1 hurricane when it made landfall, continues to force schools across the Southeast to close or shift to remote learning.

How these 8 states are using federal grants to build a diverse teacher workforce

Several states have committed millions to diversifying their teacher workforce by expanding pathways into the profession. Here's how they're doing it.

How a “3 R’s” solution can keep teachers from quitting

What’s driving educators out of the classroom can be summarized as the new three R's of education: Respect, remuneration, and remote fatigue.

Superintendents to watch: How leaders are advocating for students’ best interests

Leaders are remaining student-driven by expanding dual enrollment and gifted programs, leveraging teacher expertise and recruiting student advisors.

10 ways to spot families who may leave your district

Gaging parent satisfaction: Contacting school leaders frequently may be a sign a family may switch districts, a new analysis finds.

Improving student transportation: 3 takeaways from the new school year

Alternative vehicles allow districts to support student success by providing a way to achieve better attendance.

Hidden things seen out loud: Riveting revelations from a school walkthrough

Where to find proven strategies that will immediately engage students in your curriculum, no matter the subject or grade level.

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