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Superintendent fired in first act of Moms for Liberty-dominated school board

Deon Jackson, who was just hired in May 2021, was fired without explanation by the Berkeley County School District's newly elected school board in South Carolina.

Education in the midterm elections: Who’s coming out on top?

"School choice won big" is a conservative think tank's take on education in the mid-term elections. But a top teacher's union has another view.

4 ways to ensure teachers are using the newest learning materials

Despite having access to the latest tools, one in five teachers said they avoided new materials that did not meet students' needs, were hard to use or that they didn't have time to implement.

How to put your school on the map using social media

TikTok, Twitter, Instagram—the list of platforms can be intimidating. FETC 2023 can help guide leaders in creating a robust social media presence for their schools.

Leadership Series: This principal now serves the school that raised him

Dr. Johnnie Marshall was an observer and student teacher in the school's first years of existence. Now, he's giving back through leadership.

Florida is No. 1 in the Parent Power Index. Where does your state rank?

Annual Parent Power Index ranks 'parental opportunities for involvement in their children’s education,' according to a school choice advocacy group. 

Anxiety alert: Teachers are more stressed out than frontline workers

'We would have guessed healthcare workers battling COVID-19 on the front lines during a public health crisis would display the most anxiety,' researcher says of teacher stress levels.

1 in 5 schools spend less than 1% of their IT budgets on security

Several factors contribute to the inadequacy of budgetary spending for security, such as a lack of funding and the difficulty of hiring IT professionals.

3 key pieces of advice for women who aspire to edtech leadership

Being as qualified as you can be and establishing a life-work balance are critical steps to success for women in edtech leadership, FETC speaker Frankie J. Jackson says.

Broward County school board fires Superintendent Vickie Cartwright

Her termination came out of the blue, as she was originally tasked in October with taking 90 days to create a checklist of issues to address. "I'm flabbergasted," says one board member.

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