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‘Woke initiatives’: Why GOP leaders are attacking ESSER spending in schools

House Republicans launch investigation into how districts used COVID relief funds on anti-bias training, environmental literacy, LGBTQ+ cultural competency, and other elements of what they call a "left-wing agenda."

Black and Latino superintendents seek the nation’s help on 2 education crises

Student mental health and teacher shortages are major roadblocks to academic recovery that schools cannot overcome without support—and long-term funding—from the nation's leaders, a budding coalition of Black and Latino superintendents told District Administration as they marched toward the U.S. Capitol.

One more Texas takeover: State seizing control of special ed in Austin ISD

Texas Education Agency officials said in a 31-page report that Austin ISD failed to follow a state-imposed improvement plan that found the district did not evaluate students in need of special education or provide services to those students.

100 Superintendent March: Black and Latino leaders raise their voices in Congress

District Administration senior writer Matt Zalaznick was there as the superintendents, who represented 21 states, beseeched leaders to provide more financial and political support for mental health services, teacher preparation and retention, and English learners.

State takeovers are traumatic. Do they actually turn schools around?

The ultimate goals of these often traumatic takeovers are, of course, to improve student achievement and achieve financial stability but, when it comes to the former, a growing body of research finds little evidence of success.

Florida just passed the largest expansion of school choice in K12 history

Florida school choice programs are now open to all students after Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed legislation that eliminates financial eligibility restrictions and an enrollment cap. 

400 principals descend on Congress this week in pursuit of funding

Hundreds of school leaders are in the nation's capital today advocating for increased federal funding to expand mental health counseling and fill staff vacancies.

Here is one way Democrats are firing back at GOP education plans

Inclusivity and civil rights underpin a new Bill of Rights for Students and Parents that Democrats have drawn up to counter Republican efforts to influence classroom instruction.

Black studies get a boost even as educators witness restrictions in other states

Leaders in three Virginia districts will offer AP African American Studies while Asian and Black studies get a boost in New York City schools.

What are the top priorities in Joe Biden’s 2024 plan for education spending?

Big bucks could be headed toward academic acceleration, special education and Title I schools in the 2024 education budget unveiled by President Joe Biden this week—but its outlook is dim in the face of a Republican-controlled House of Representatives and a sharply divided Congress.

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