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Here’s how big K-12 job losses have been during COVID

K-12 education workers have been among the hardest hit by COVID job losses, with declines seen in almost every state.

Georgia district hosts weeklong Black Lives Matter event

Education sessions for students highlight the district's celebration of the movement.

How 2 Oregon districts are amping up energy efficiency

Energy efficiency may not make as big a splash as solar panels, but changing a school's lights bulbs and other measures can be a low-cost way to generate significant savings. 

How a district keeps up with its own energy standards

When more energy-efficient new facilities are built in Bend La-Pine Schools, administrators determine where similar energy upgrades can be made to older buildings.

How virtual advising makes college dreams come true during COVID

Even though she was set to graduate high school near the top of her class, Ashley Espinosa wanted her writing to be stronger for her college applications.

From STEM roots, Phenix City has risen … just in time

This Alabama school district has leveraged technology to dramatically improve student outcomes and overcome challenges, including a successful pivot to hybrid learning during the pandemic

How an equity audit zeroed in on ‘avenues of achievement’

Conducting an equity audit requires administrators to take an honest look at the experiences of the district's students, staff and community members.

Here’s who’s most concerned about online learning

Families with lower incomes are most concerned about their students falling behind in school due to various forms of online and remote learning during COVID disruptions, a new survey has found. 

How COVID online learning is canceling snow days

Thanks to the COVID-era shift to remote instruction, an early winter storm did not give students in some Midwest districts what they might have eagerly expected: a snow day.

FETC preview: How leaders thrive during COVID crisis

FETC keynote speaker and superintendent Jill Siler's book about leadership in challenging times guides district leaders in re-envisioning instruction for the hybrid era.

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