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Simplifying Assistance for Your McKinney-Vento Qualified Students

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Broadcast date: June 9, 2022
The number of students identified under McKinney-Vento as experiencing homelessness is at a three-year low, according to data from the National Center for Homeless Education. But district administrators and homeless liaisons nationwide know the need to provide resources for students experiencing homelessness has never been greater.
Speakers: Joe Cayen, Founder and Senior Advisor TransACT Communications; Phillip Smith, Brand Manager TransACT Communications; Lynn Russo, Senior Account Success Manager TransACT Communications

Ask families these 5 questions to rebuild trust and engagement

The right questions asked in the right way go a long way to strengthen the connection between schools and families.

Where are your stakeholders? Many want to hear from you on social media

Meeting students where they are is a modern mantra for learning. When it comes to communications, "meeting parents and families where they are" is the new rallying cry. 

Extending the school day: Do’s and don’ts for launching a successful enrichment program

How one district fine-tuned its after-school programs, and what they learned along the way.

More activist parents aren’t going away. Here’s how to work with them.

What K-12 leaders need to know about a new generation of parents promoting both conservative and liberal causes.

Teacher shortage: More colleges are now helping to solve the K-12 crisis

University leaders trying to build back the pipeline of educators say changes to systems and support are needed.

Family engagement is more important than ever. How K-12 leaders are responding.

Among the lasting impacts of the pandemic experience in Chelsea Public Schools, which is 87% Latino, are the bilingual liaisons who are now working more closely with families.

3 signs that it’s time for a districtwide communications overhaul

I knew that it was not enough to say, "Hey, we sent the message." Our responsibility is to know that the message is delivered and that it gets looked at.

More Than a Student Information System: Effectively Tracking Students Experiencing Homelessness

Date & Time: Thursday, March 17, 2022 2:00 pm ET Watch Now Speaker: Joe Cayen Founder and Senior Advisor, TransACT Communications Ben Hinkle-Wszalek Director of Operations, Milwaukee Office, TransACT Communications Lynn Russo Senior...

Esports remains the best vehicle to reach all K-12 students

The pandemic may have slowed a bit of the fervor, but interest in gaming, learning in schools is still soaring.

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