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Why device insurance is a bad decision for schools

There is no reason to continue throwing money away. Ditch the insurance and consider repair options instead.

Why you should consider de-escalation training as schools reopen

Stress, mental health issues and anxiety among students and teachers will intensify the challenges of returning to in-person learning.

How one district expands the concept of summer learning

There is no concept of failure during summer instruction at Kalamazoo Public Schools; in fact, educators there don't even call it 'summer school.'

How a community pushes back against ‘gross underfunding’ in education

Tennessee's education funding formula consistently underestimates the amount of money superintendents and their teams need to run public schools, advocates say.

University launches TED-like talks on school equity

Anti-racist assessment and culturally responsive therapy highlights a new a series of TED-like talks on school equity launched by The Fordham Graduate School of Education.

How Florida districts plan to hold in-person graduations

Wide range of COVID safety precautions include limiting guests, upgraded air filters, condensed ceremonies and no handshakes.

Is 3 feet enough social distancing to reopen schools?

Six feet of social distancing has prevented some schools from reopening where classrooms aren't large enough to accomodate the widely accepted safety measure. 

Dallas ISD reenvisions school year to tackle learning loss

Dallas ISD leaders prefer the term "unfinished instruction" to learning loss, and plan to tackle the problem with extended school calendars in 2021-2022.

Experts call for ‘sense of urgency’ in reopening schools

Analysis of 130 studies of COVID and schools aims to reassure administrators that classrooms can reopen without triggering a surge in infections.

Here are the many steps one district took to stay open

Keeping classrooms open required Plainfield Community School Corporation teachers to rearrange the furniture with more traditional models of instruction in mind.

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