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Digital self-harm: What is it and could it be on rise?

The behavior of digital self-harm is being red-flagged by researchers whose studies show it occurring among middle and high school students.

Senate passes School-Based Allergies and Asthma Act

Approval of the bipartisan bill would give protections to students and potential federal grant money to schools that enact comprehensive management plans.

FETC preview: How will Biden steer education policy in 2021?

A critical issue facing leaders of the next Department of Education will be how to use assessments to measure progress after the disruptions of COVID and online learning.

5 things for superintendents to know heading into 2021

The big themes that marked the COVID disruptions of 2020 will continue to frame education policy and impact school superintendents well into 2021.

How the remote shift has helped boost student-led learning

A new report on the use of technology and digital tools from Project Tomorrow and Blackboard shows the positive outcomes from giving students more ownership in projects and research.

7 things students say about resilience during COVID

Students are showing resilience during COVID but parents and educators urge greater investments in education as learners recover from the pandemic. 

10 ways leaders can solve education’s COVID recovery

As the students recover from COVID's disruptions and return to classrooms, district leaders must give learners more one-on-one time with their teachers, NEA president says. 

5 ways Biden can make K-12 testing more fair

Joe Biden's administration is being urged to transform assessment and accountability systems to counter the COVID's inequitable impacts on education.

Medicaid barriers raise school healthcare equity concerns

Districts in many states struggle to bill Medicaid for school-based health centers and hiring nurses or counselors to provide audio and visual screenings.

State legislatures face challenges for education in 2021

As states move into COVID recovery mode, lawmakers and policymakers are assessing the impacts of the pandemic on budgets, accountability and student achievement gaps.

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