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Is there really a chance that schools won’t spend all their ESSER funds?

Districts spent the first two rounds of ESSER funding quickly on immediate safety and technology needs. Now, administrators are now being more deliberate and strategic

How digital maps are making schools in this state safer

Virginia is making $6.5 million in reimbursements available for districts to create interactive digital maps that can be more easily accessed by responders during a crisis.

‘We need help,’ Cardona tells Congress in wake of Uvalde school shooting

Cardona said Title I is the "best tool" to address K-12 inequity and advocated for a $1 billion investment in mental health care for students at recent Congressional hearing.

In quick response to Uvalde, leaders harden schools to calm community fears

The "tranquility of school" became a nightmare in Texas on Tuesday, Pittsburgh Public Schools leaders said in locking their buildings down after the Uvalde shooting.

State of the education market: Are schools giving educators what they want?

Annual report gauges the use and availability of teaching materials that are aligned to college and career-ready standards, and how lessons are being modified or supplemented.

Boston Public Schools gets failing grades in 4 key areas as a takeover looms

With the specter of state control looming, Boston Public Schools is being sharply criticized for failing to "carry out basic operational functions," among other problems with equity and educating at-risk students.

Here are 2 reliable sources on ed-tech products that will work for your district

What if there was a way to (very easily) find which ed-tech programs and platforms are making a difference in districts with the same characteristics as yours? 

Ranking all 50 states on highest teacher pay shows the pinch of inflation

Districts are awash in COVID relief funding but the inflation fueled by the pandemic means the power of teacher salaries has declined over the past 10 years.

Local K-12 funding is creating inequities. Who covers the gaps?

Black and Hispanic students receive 4% less funding than students of all other races and ethnicities. States often correct inequities in "funding progressivity" created by local property taxes.

Best high school rankings: These are the top 3 in each state

The top public high schools, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report, span all regions of the country, from Virginia to Florida to Texas to Washington.

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