California opinions on charter schools are divided

April 30, 2019 | CALmatters

The growth in charter schools has become one of the year’s most contentious issues in California. Now a statewide poll shows that not only are state lawmakers divided on the issue, but California voters are as well.

In a survey on education issues released last week, the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California found that public opinion on charter schools was about evenly split in the state, with 49% of respondents favoring and about 46% opposing the publicly funded schools that mostly operate separately from school districts and with non-union teachers.

Charter school enrollment has more than doubled over the last decade, and this year more than 10 percent of California public-school students—660,000 kids—attended a charter school. In recent years, teachers unions and charter advocates have battled over proposed charter legislation, with both groups casting each other’s efforts as highly detrimental to the other.

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