Building a PreK-14 STEAM Program

Incorporating art and design into STEM subjects across grade levels
By: | Issue: May, 2018 | Web Seminar Digest
May 1, 2018

STEAM learning—which incorporates art and design thinking into the traditional STEM subjects—is becoming increasingly adopted as educators seek to inspire more creativity, problem-solving skills, collaboration and critical thinking in their students. Educators in the Maury County Public Schools in Tennessee began pursuing their mission to blend project-based learning and STEM subjects with art and design in 2015. The end result was the creation of the Mt. Pleasant Arts Innovation Zone, the first preK-14 STEAM campus in the U.S.

This web seminar featured the executive principal of Mt. Pleasant, who discussed the keys to building a STEAM program, how to blend subject areas to create more effective learning, and how to foster student collaboration across grade levels. The Director of Global STEM Initiatives at Discovery Education also outlined how to structure and organize a district approach to STEAM integration.