Building a Knowledge-Rich Literacy Curriculum

Date of broadcast: Thu, 03/29/18

Student engagement and enthusiasm are the keys to unlocking literacy success and academic achievement. How can administrators create a district literacy community where every student is engaged, enthusiastic and eager to read grade-level texts? How can school leaders create a culture where English Language Arts is the class that students cannot get enough of?

Attend this web seminar for an informative presentation and discussion about how to build a knowledge-rich literacy curriculum, and the keys to fostering an enthusiastic literacy culture. Our presenters will include the Director of Humanities at Great Minds, as well as leaders from the Meeting Street Schools in South Carolina and Sheridan School District No. 2 in Colorado.

Topics will include:

    • How the right learning design can support all learners
    • Why a knowledge-rich literacy curriculum is key to student achievement
    • A framework for selecting an effective English curriculum
    • Why we owe it to students at all levels to keep expectations high

Scheduled speakers:

Rachel Stack
Director of Humanities
Great Minds

Katie Robinson
Director of Academics and Assessment
Meeting Street Schools (S.C.)

Dirk Bedford
Meeting Street Schools

Beth Joswick
Assistant Principal
Fort Logan Northgate
Sheridan School District No. 2 (Colo.)

Mike Taglienti
4th Grade Teacher
Fort Logan Northgate
Sheridan School District No. 2

Who will benefit: District administrators or curriculum leaders interested in literacy curriculum and culture. Anyone may attend.