Better connectivity

By: | May 21, 2018

Every school district in North Dakota should reach 1 gigabit per second of connectivity by summer 2019. For some, that could mean a tenfold increase.

The 100-gigabit upgrade to North Dakota’s statewide STAGEnet network will also provide faster service for higher education institutions and governments.

The state’s core network and internet capacity will see a 150 to 200 percent increase.

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“North Dakota’s rich heritage includes a strong agricultural foundation spanning dozens of rural communities, which has long meant a focus on distance education to support equitable learning opportunities across urban and rural school districts” says Shawn Riley, CIO of the state of North Dakota’s Information Technology Department.

“Creating an educational foundation that spans 175 school districts statewide has meant having a technology infrastructure that enables the speed and bandwidth needed for a variety of online offerings.”

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