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Be a source for a District Administration story

Diverse gifted students: DA wants to interview administrators who have succeeded in including students from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds in gifted and talented.

Predicting progress: The big question DA is asking for our special January Outlook 2019 edition is: “Where will education make the most progress in 2019, and where will it fall short in instruction, special education, funding, assessment, discipline policy and other topics?” If you are an educator or other education expert and would like to participate in an interview or suggest a topic, please contact us.

CIOs & coding initiatives: DA wants to interview CIOs and administrators about the role CIOs and their teams play in launching and managing coding initiatives in schools. To share your solutions with one of our writers, please start by contacting us.

Edtech forecast: For DA’s Look Ahead on technology in our annual Outlook 2019 edition, we are asking edtech experts “What new edtech will have the biggest impact in 2019; what trendy ed tech is still seeking a more purposeful role in classroom instruction?”

Outlook—Student Needs: DA’s Look Ahead forecast for 2019 asks administrators, teachers and experts to weigh in on how student needs are changing, and how they will continue to evolve over the next few years. Incisive input will be published in our annual January Outlook edition for 2019. Please send your insight to editor Matt Zalaznick at, and please also submit a headshot.

To connect with us, please email Matt Zalaznick at