Warrior Run High School, Turbotville, Pennsylvania

One Button Studio
By: | January 6, 2019
District Name: Warrior Run School District
District State: Pennsylvania
District Website: wrsd.org

The changing role of the K12 library inspired Warrior Run High School’s librarians in 2017 to integrate technology across the curriculum to bolster students’ multimedia and digital citizenship skills.

Following Penn State University’s One Button Studio model, the head librarian turned a library classroom into a recording studio. In this “click and shoot” zone, students can produce digital media related to their coursework. The process goes like this: Students (or teachers) enter the space, turn on the camera, turn off the overhead lights, place the flash drive in the port (then the studio lights will come on), and press the button to start recording. When finished, students remove the flash drive, plug it into a Chromebook, edit their video, and share it.

“This process streamlines and simplifies so that students focus more on the content of their video and how it demonstrates their learning of a concept, rather than worrying about the setup,” says Theresa Bartholomew, director of educational programs.

All of the school’s English classes and half of its history classes have incorporated the studio into instruction. Among the projects completed include 11th-graders reflecting and giving advice to future students on writing term papers; ninth-grade students creating catapults and using videos to measure the parabola; and fifth-graders researching and reporting on a volcanic eruption.

The studio has been used by more than 200 students for various projects since opening in January 2018. Educators have also used it for PD sessions.

“This will move the focus away from the teacher as content provider and focus on the student as content creator,” Bartholomew says.

Over the next year, Bartholomew hopes to see students use the studio to create new types of video projects, including time-lapse videos for science classes or application-based learning for math.