Secondary Blended Learning Instructional Delivery Models for Mass Customization

By: | January 5, 2019
District Name: Secondary Blended Learning Instructional Delivery Models for Mass Customization
District State: Pennsylvania
District Website:

The Downingtown Area School District has broken down the barriers typical learning methods have created in high school.

Ivy Academy, a cyber and blended curriculum initiative, opened three years ago. High school teachers use their own curriculum to teach blended courses face-to-face with students two or three days out of a six-day cycle.

This initiative leverages the use of digital devices, moving teachers and students up the SAMR model, or “Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition.” It’s a technique to move through technology adoption in degrees to find its more meaningful uses.

And employing blended learning allows teachers to use a seamless platform to deploy digital content.

“We set out to create a sustainable model of blended learning in our three high schools that would both break the old secondary paradigm and infuse a more collegiate atmosphere,” says Superintendent Lawrence Mussoline.

Individualized, collaborative and large-group learning opportunities in a blended format enhance learning and make class time more meaningful.

Next year, the district is offering 84 blended courses with more than 1,200 students registered. About 20 local districts have visited Downingtown to learn about secondary ‘break the mold’ blended learning model over the past three years.