Educating an Entire Community

By: | January 5, 2019
District Name: Educating an Entire Community
District State: Kentucky
District Website:

Taylor County School District is Kentucky’s only pre-K through 12 performance-based district, with a graduation rate of 100 percent, and no dropout for the past six years.

But the parents of some children needed help. So Superintendent Roger Cook decided to use the district’s virtual academy to allow adults who had dropped out to enroll, take online courses and graduate from the district based on the requirements they would have had to meet the year they stopped attending school.

The program puts adults who may have dropped out of school 20 years ago on a level playing field to earn their high school diploma. It does not require an adult to completely start over, and does not cost them anything to enroll.

The district has awarded diplomas to adult students ages 27 through 70 thus far.

Administrators partnered with Murakami Manufacturing, which provides part-time employment for individuals who are in the program. Upon completion, the company will give the graduate an interview for a full-time, permanent position.

In the past three years, the school board has presented seven diplomas to local residents.