Comprehensive Data Warehouse/Support System

By: | January 6, 2019
District Name: Washoe County School District
District State: Nevada
District Website:

An in-house data warehouse built in 2012 gives educators in Nevada’s large Washoe County School District quick access to the academic information they need to help each student succeed.

With the Business Intelligence Gateway system, or BIG, educators can track any students’ performance and create plans to improve grades. The data, which is updated every night, also allows educators to act more quickly when they spot students who are falling off the path to graduation.

Previously, educators had to rely on spreadsheets and PDF reports that were often outdated and difficult to update.

Now data can be organized into individual student profile pages that contain information about grades, extracurricular activities and risk status, among other factors. These pages have led to better communication in parent-teacher conferences and guidance counseling sessions.

Administrators say the system has contributed to increased graduation, with the class of 2015 setting a record of 75 percent and more students earning honors-level diplomas.

Administrators also say achievement gaps have narrowed while graduation rates for African-Americans, Hispanics and students living in poverty have risen substantially since 2012.