Rachelle Dene and JD Solomon

4 ways to promote a learner-driven classroom

Guest columnist Rachele Dene Poth says a learner-driven classroom empowers students to build future-ready skills through more authentic and meaningful work.

Promoting collaboration in the classroom

It's becoming more common for students to work in groups rather than individually. DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker Rachelle Dene Poth says creating these active learning communities can positively impact a learner's ability and help meet individual learner goals.

Teaching students about artificial intelligence and machine learning

Each day, we read more news about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and their uses for not only work but, more importantly, education. About...

DA op-ed: A digital world of learning possibilities

Using AR and VR may seem overwhelming at first, but Rachelle Dene Poth, a STEAM teacher and featured speaker at DA's FETC, says these technologies benefit from collaborative learning from colleagues as well as students.

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