Santa Fe, N.M., schools worry that voters casting ballots in person, and now via mail, may reject edtech funding

In a test of a new state law that aims to increase election turnout, voters in several New Mexico school districts are casting ballots by mail for the first time. And the results of a recent Albuquerque Public Schools special election—with such voters rejecting construction project proposals—have Santa Fe officials concerned. An election there is seeking $11 million per year to fund edtech and support schools.

A year after Parkland: Progress, but controversy still rages

The mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland set off months of nationwide lobbying to restrict access to firearms and better protect schools. In Pennsylvania, the tragedy also spurred some action—including a gun-control law and the January launch of the Safe2Say program, allowing students to pass along tips using a website or smartphone app.

ICYMI: A financial feast for K12 schools

How districts can save money and boost nutrition through cooperative purchasing.

What makes a great transition for students in special ed?

Here are the top research-based predicators from the National Technical Assistance Center on Transition that link what happens in schools to better post-K12 outcomes.

10 ways to use voice-activated devices in the classroom

Experts and educators offer tips on how to use Alexa, Google Home and other voice-activated devices in the classroom.

Industry News: K12 schools upgrade systems, services

Districts in New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma select new products and services for PD, online learning, assessments and cultural programs.

FETC 2019: Looking back at the recent Future of Education Technology Conference

Here are some of the sights from FETC 2019, where hundreds of educators explored the latest trends in edtech, networked, and connected with solution providers.

Professional Opinion: Surveillance cameras in school

Expert Amy Steketee Fox addresses the legal ins and outs to avoid (over)exposure. A former public educator, Steketee Fox practices school and employment law in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Edtech strategies for ELLs

English language learners should have the same opportunities to participate in STEM classes as any other student, English learner and bilingual consultant Lori Menning...

ICYMI: Breaking the age barrier in K12 schools

Combining grades in one classroom improves teaching and learning.

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