Emily Ann Brown

FETC Voices in Technology: Flipped staff meetings

Videos and apps bring more interaction, says Eujon Anderson, technology director of Troy City Schools in Alabama.

Natural disasters drive need to update K12 emergency plans

More frequent and intense natural disasters require school leadership to address trauma and prepare for extended disruptions.

9 keys to mentoring in teacher professional development

Albuquerque Public Schools, the Albuquerque Teachers Federation and the University of New Mexico's College of Education launched a mentoring program in 2004 with nine tenets.

Online resources for teacher PD programs

District leaders looking to enhance their teacher PD can find more information on the following K12 education programs.

Coach approach to K12 teacher professional development

Today's mentoring programs go beyond the basics of helping new teachers acclimate to the classroom. The one-on-one coaching model can serve as a boot camp for new teachers and a reboot for veterans.

Driving K12 innovation: Reports will document edtech trends

The Consortium for School Networking, a founding partner of the defunct New Media Consortium's (NMC) Horizon Project, will continue sharing trend reports that support...

Midterm election results: What’s the impact on K12 education?

In the wake of the recent elections, per-school spending, opioids and infrastructure bill are among issues to watch.

K12 schools get ready for action with edtech

What new edtech innovations will make a big splash in 2019, and what technology will cement its place in classroom instruction?

Voice and choice drives edtech in special education

Children with unique learning needs excel when their interests and skills drive specialized instruction that is delivered via assistive technology in an engaging and sensitive environment.

Why civics education is making a comeback

Civics—a mainstay in public schools for generations, but widely sidelined in recent years—is making a comeback. At the federal level, pending Senate legislation would require...

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