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How to lessen trauma when students with disabilities change learning models

Engaging students with disabilities in consistent activities and giving them choices helps them feel more rooted to school regardless of the learning environment.

6 ways to teach SEL skills remotely

Creative ideas for addressing social-emotional learning to meet an IEP goal for a student with disabilities

When private school students, there because of the pandemic, return

There are four actions school district personnel should take when parents of a student with disabilities who has been enrolled in a private school due to COVID decide to send the child back to public school.

Don’t assume remote learning is safest for students with disabilities

Is a student with an IEP plan being denied FAPE if a school team expresses a preference for that student to learn from home? Here's how to avoid opening up the district to litigation.

Responding to IEE requests for students who are learning remotely

When a parent asks for an independent educational evaluation for a child with a suspected disability, school teams should be proactive to avoid liability exposure.

4 steps to creating contingency plans to implement IEPs

When schools aren't able to operate under standard conditions, IEP teams must ensure there are plans in place for special education students are still receive services.

5 strategies to address student school refusal

When anxiety is causing a refusal to attend school, educators and support staff can take several actions to help, including teaching coping strategies and promoting social modeling.

Independent study vs. distance learning for students with disabilities

School teams should respond with FAPE in mind when a parent of a student with a disability requests independent study from home.

Don’t dismiss a doctor’s prescription for a student to be evaluated

Here's what school teams should do when a parent presents a doctor's note calling for an evaluation, service, or IEP for a student.

5 ways to give students virtual work-based experiences

With a little creativity, those who support students with disabilities can help ensure they gain work experience, even while learning remotely.

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