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Hear from an E-rate expert in a live webinar

John Harrington, CEO of Funds for Learning, will explain how schools can use E-rate funding to support digital learning initiatives in a live webinar on Wednesday, January 23 at 10 a.m. PT. Find out more in this webinar.

New service helps K12 libraries with genrefication

Follett has unveiled Follett Genre Solutions to help simplify genrefication for librarians and media specialists seeking to make the transition from the Dewey Decimal System to a more bookstore-like layout based on genres.

Data-driven decisions: How workforce information can help your school district

Most K12 leaders are familiar with using data to plan and target instruction more effectively. But they might not be aware of the many ways that tracking and analyzing employees' time and attendance data can reveal key trends and insights as well. Click for tips on making smarter decisions for your school.

Sleep now, learn later

School districts around the country are experimenting with starting classes later to allow students to get extra sleep. While some dismiss the idea as pampering, Nathaniel F. Watson says there are solid scientific reasons to consider it. Lack of sleep hampers a student's preparedness to learn, negatively impacts physical and mental health, and impairs driving.

Putting relationship quality at the center of education

Cognitive scientists showed us that emotion is not the opposite of reason; it's essential to reason. Emotions tell you what to pay attention to, care about and remember. Those early neuroscience breakthroughs remind us that a key job of a school is to give students new things to love—an exciting field of study, new friends. It reminds us that what teachers really teach is themselves with their contagious passion for their subjects and students.

Critical parents causing referee shortage in high school sports

More than 75 percent of all high school officials say "adult behavior" is the primary reason they quit. And 80 percent of all young officials hang up their stripes after just two years of whistle blowing. Why? Parents are verbally criticizing game officials or coaches. The shortage of licensed high school officials is now severe enough in some areas that athletic events are being postponed or cancelled.

Reimagining math and science with new core classes

Reveal Math for grades 6 through 12 will be available in fall 2019, followed by the release of the K5 edition. Inspire Science will be available for K12 classroom implementation beginning in fall 2019. Additionally, Inspire Science Collaboration Kits for grades K8 help make planning easier for hands-on time so teachers can focus on the curriculum.

Virginia school system sues state in quest to arm teachers

Lee County Public Schools is asking a circuit court judge to order the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services to allow the system's superintendent to become a special conservator of the peace, a designation county officials believe would permit him to carry a gun on school property. The school system filed the lawsuit challenging the state's decision to bar the system's employees from carrying firearms.

Assessments can support, not just measure, student learning

The word assessment describes vastly different things. Yes, the nail-biting, end-of-year exam is an assessment. But so is the couple-questions quiz a teacher gives at the end of a lesson. These lower-stakes, frequent assessments are vital for student performance. Assessments create feedback for teachers and students alike, and the high value of timely feedback is well-documented by learning scientists.

Platform leverages technology to empower English-language teaching

Aiming to build a new English language learning model, the intelligent learning platform includes the Rise Teacher teacher-end app and the Rise+ parent-end app. With access to RISE's online tutoring tools, the platform can facilitate efficient communication, including the ability for teachers to post videos and photos of classes.

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