At $611 a day per student, some question if L.A. schools’ extra learning days are worth it

The two second-graders in Susana Cabello’s class got a brief but exclusive education during the Los Angeles school district’s winter break. Not only did they have Cabello’s undivided attention all day, but that of a professional tutor as well.

This education booster shot, however, came at considerable expense — about $611 per day per student for up to two added “acceleration days.” That same cost, multiplied over a 180-day school year, would total about $110,000 per student. By comparison, next year’s record state education funding will provide $23,723 per public school student.

The bonus schooling on December 19 and 20 cost $36 million. After a heavy promotional push, about 17% of the district’s 422,276 students signed up; however, less than 9% or 36,486 showed up, according to newly released data.

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