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Apply for TechXcellence recognition in any of these categories:

  • Math Instruction
  • Science Instruction
  • Makerspaces
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Music and Arts Instruction
  • World Language Instruction
  • Security (Cyber and Physical)
  • Student Assessment
  • Reading and Writing Instruction
  • History and Social Studies Instruction
  • Faculty PD
  • Institutional Leadership
  • Other instruction

DA’s Schools of TechXcellence gain national attention with profiles in the special December 2018 TechXcellence publication, and local prominence through press releases and a customized award plaque.

All TechXcellence entrants become eligible for the Technology Transformation Contest, awarding an immersive HP Sprout Computer Lab to a deserving school.

Apply now

Application deadline for the December honorees is August 3, 2018

Submission requirements:

  • Your program must rely on an implementation of devices that run on Intel® processors.
  • Your program must be innovative. In other words, it must include elements that were developed internally. Your program can include commercial products, but a program that simply implements a commercial product and gets the expected result will not be considered by the judges.
  • Your program must be effective. It must have been implemented to meet specific goals, and you must be able to demonstrate that it is meeting those goals.
  • Your program must be replicable. In other words, its value to other schools must be readily apparent, and it could be implemented elsewhere with reasonable resources.
  • Schools may submit one application in each award cycle category. In cases where we receive multiple submissions in a category from a school, only the earliest nomination will be considered.
  • Your application must be submitted with the approval of your superintendent.