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Adding Press Release Instructions

If you had PR release posting permissions on the previous District Administration website, you would start by resetting your password on the new website. You can do that here. Once you reset your password, you would go here to be

posting press releases to the Press Release portal.

  1. Log in on the DA website and you will automatically be redirected to your PR Administration page. Here you may add, revise, delete or view a list of all your posted press releases. The admin area contains quick facts to help get you started (also included in this documentation).
  2. We have provided you with a shortcut navigation menu that you will see at the top of your browser no matter what page you are visiting on DA’s website. You may find this tool useful because from it you can perform press release-related tasks without having to go back to your PR Administration page. (You must be signed in to see the shortcut menu).

(Fig 1) Shortcut links

Tip: Use the House icon in the upper left corner of the shortcut links menu to go to DA’s home page.

Quick Facts

Q. Is there an admin page where I can add, view, edit, or delete my press releases?
A. Yes. You can add, view, edit, or delete your press releases at your PR Admin page.

Q. I don’t see a link to my PR Administration page when I visit your website.
A. You must sign in with the credentials provided to you when you enrolled in the Press Release Portal. Upon logging in, you will automatically be directed to your PR Admin page.

Q. How do I find my PR Administration page if I am on another part of your site?
A. Bookmark your PR Admin page or use the shortcut links navigation at the top of your windows screen. (Fig 1).

Q. Will the editors review my posted press releases for inclusion in the DA Daily?
A. No. You must send your release separately to

Q. Where is the public Press Release portal?
A. This is where press releases from all our qualified advertisers/agencies are displayed for our readers.