Accelerate Learning Outcomes with the Science of Reading

Date of broadcast: Thu, 03/24/22

After two decades of brain development research, the Science of Reading is still underutilized in districts across the country. Join cognitive neuroscientist, Vera Blau-McCandliss, Ph.D. for an informative webinar as we explore this research:

  • Discover: How evidence-based literacy instruction practices based on the Science of Reading have been shown to be successful in improving reading achievement.
  • Discuss: Ways phonics and phonemic awareness instruction through multisensory, game-based learning accelerates critical reading development.
  • Implement: How school leaders can help teachers optimize instructional time and build foundational literacy skills that will positively impact the learners in their districts for years to come.


Vera Blau-McCandliss, Ph.D.
Vice President of Education and Research
Square Panda

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